Martin Greenfield, Brooklyn Tailor

photo from The Selby

The Selby, a blog by photographer Todd Selby, posts looks into creative people’s lives, workspaces and homes. Selby’s latest series focuses on Martin Greenfield, a tailor in Bushwick, Brooklyn whose shop has been in the same location since 1917. The photos were taken for GQ‘s December ’09 issue.

Greenfield’s shop makes suits for Band of Outsiders, Rag & Bone and many others. Back in April 2008, when we honored Massimo Bizzocchi as our ‘Best Dressed Man’ of the year, he mentioned a collaboration with Greenfield.

Greenfield started working at this shop in 1947 as a floor boy when it was GGG Clothes. He worked his way up to VP of production, and then bought out his bosses in 1977, renaming the business Martin Greenfield Clothiers. His sons Jay and Tod joined him in the 80s. Greenfield told The Selby that it takes about 10-12 hours to make each suit.

Below is a short documentary about Greenfield by Galen Summer from about a year ago. –Harry Sheff



3 responses to “Martin Greenfield, Brooklyn Tailor

  1. I have never personally met Mr. Greenfield and only know of him by his wonderful reputation. He is among the few in our industry that I have never heard an unkind word spoken about.

  2. great man great story

  3. Martin Greenfield is the last of a dying breed, and he speaks with the wisdom of many years of experience. Let’s hope he is able to pass on some of this knowledge to a younger generation before it’s lost, or we’ll all be looking for a new line of work!

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